JALSAA  Entertainment !

The word “Jalsa” which means Joy and celebration of any event or the special day. So following our name and legacy, we as a company truly believe in turning our clients D-day into a day which can be cherished for rest of their life and can be worked out according to their expectations and desires of how they want their day to be. The company was being founded by Mr. Jinesh Gandhi and is being successfully growing since 2015.

We at Jalsaa Entertainment organize events and weddings which are completely conceptualized and customized according to the clients desires and wants and is being then polished with some innovative ideas by our creative head Prapti Gandhi, who keenly works on putting things right on their places and giving a kaleidoscopic vision to the D-day of the client. When it comes to the deliverance of the services by Jalsaa Entertainment we truly believe that the smile on customer’s face and satisfaction should be up to mark so that they can say that the event was true “JALSA”.

We serve the client on many platforms by arranging birthday parties, Wedding and Engagement events, corporate events, Musical and DJ nights. We have a team filled with enthusiastic people and youngsters who are filled with new ideas and we as a company keep working on bringing up new ideas and innovation to serve our clients to the best of the levels.

As a company we excel in many areas and our USP is that every client and event we take over is being treated like our family event and is being delivered accordingly, just like the saying goes in Sanskrit “Vasudhaiva kuTumbakam” which means that the “Whole world is one Family

Every event is unique in its own way and completely customized according to the client. We have our office in Mumbai and Dhule, Maharashtra. We take up events from overall India

Jalsaa Entertainment is here to serve you!!!

Bharat Auto Corporation, Parola Rd, opp Prakash Cinema, Dhule  ,Maharashtra 424001, India.

+91 8928222065  / +91 9326159575